Storm Off in Pauper with Cycling Storm!


Pauper Cycling Storm by Francesco Raso Stoia



Pauper’s ban list is weird. Lotus Petal, Dark Ritual and Cabal Ritual are legal, while Grapeshot, Chatterstorm and Galvanic Relay are banned. There’s few storm cards legal and one of them is Reaping the Graves, which gives birth to this crazy combo deck: Cycling Storm.

Songs of the DamnedReaping the GravesRepository SkaabDrannith Stinger

It’s a fringe deck in Pauper, but recently it took second place at Paupergeddon Pisa, with over 320 players, making it the biggest Pauper event ever held in paper. Francesco Raso Stoia was the only who played with Cycling Storm, and he didn’t take a loss until the finals where he lost against Mono-Blue Faeries by Marco Bruschi.

The deck combos as early as possible, as you have a huge number of rituals that help you cheat on mana. First, you cycle off all your Drannith Stingers and Street Wraiths, then you get a huge chunk of mana with Songs of the Damned and rituals, then you get them all back with Reaping the Graves and continue to build up your mana count, storm count and cards in hand. 

Thanks to Repository Skaab, you’ll get back what you need (usually Songs of the Damned or Reaping the Graves) and thanks to Dihada’s Ploy, you’ll gain enough life to keep on cycling those Street Wraiths.

Once you get a really big amount of mana, you filter it with Blood Celebrant or Lotus Petal, cast all your Drannith Stingers and kill your opponent with all the cyclers you brought back to hand with Reaping the Graves.

It does seem clunky and hard to explain, but it’s very consistent, just like Living End in Modern, with cyclers being both enablers and payoffs that make your deck work!


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