Standard’s New Best Deck? Jeskai Turns with Hinata

Standard Jeskai Hinata Turns by Chris Botelho




I heard you all thought that Izzet Turns was dead in Standard now that Alrund’s Epiphany is banned. Not so fast! This Jeskai Turns list from Chris Botelho is utilizing the Hinata, Dawn-Crowned and Magma Opus combo, which lets you cast Opus for 1UR or UR if there’s one more creature in play. That is a pretty good deal for something that usually clears the opponent’s side of the board, gets you a 4/4 and two extra cards on top of that!

Hinata, Dawn-CrownedMagma Opus

Chris says in one of his Twitter posts that he is on a ridiculous win streak, pretty much crushing everyone left and right. From my experience playing Standard lately, there’s a lot of Orzhov Control and aggressive creature decks, both of which should be good matchups for this deck. 

The most popular removal spells in Orzhov are Vanishing Verse and The Meathook Massacre, which are not exactly great answers for Hinata. All you need is to untap with it and start doing your magic, which should be fairly easy right now, at least until people adjust their removal spells to be able to deal with a 4/4 multicolored creature. 

As long as the metagame stays like this, I would expect Jeskai Hinata to be one of the top Standard decks. It might struggle against blue control decks, but I haven’t been running into too many of them lately.


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  1. FYI the import list is incorrect. It has the modified version of Lier when it should be the original version (otherwise this would be an Alchemy deck).

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