Standard Storm – Deck Highlight


Standard Storm by Robert Taylor




Today’s deck, which I first saw on Twitter, came to our attention via Robert Taylor (@fireshoes) / UneshEngine (@UneshEngine). Actually, our social media manager Juan knew how much I would like it and alerted me to its presence. Juan was not wrong. I was immediately enamored. This is Standard Storm!


Standard Storm deck plays sort of similarly to the old Jeskai Mutate decks. However, this deck uses Storm-Kiln Artist to generate a lot of Treasures and can kill in a few different was. Smoldering Egg is one way or simply copying a lot of direct damage, most likely with Prismari Command, is another. The deck looks super fun to play and I’m looking forward to getting in some matches this afternoon.

I played a couple matches this morning, but it definitely will take a couple of reps to get a feel for it. The deck seems interesting, the decisions are close and the mana and resources tend to be a little tense before hitting a critical mass, and so far navigating to get to that point is really fun. If you tend to be a combo player, or even just like decks off the beaten path, this one might interest you.


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