Standard Shakeup with Orzhov Midrange!


Standard Orzhov Midrange by Derek Pite




Derek Pite, perhaps better known under his Magic Online handle misplacedginger, has been shaking up the stale Standard format with an innovative take on Orzhov Midrange. In a metagame dominated by Jeskai Hinata and other blue control decks, Derek is choosing to grind out the opposition with a deck that you could take as a prototypical fair midrange deck. 

Acquisitions ExpertExtraction SpecialistHenrika Domnathi // Henrika, Infernal Seer

Acquisitions Expert makes an appearance here, providing a small body that can enable the draw from Wedding Announcement or be sacrificed into Henrika Domnathi for value.

Extraction Specialist saw play in Explorer Humans recently and is finding its way into Standard finally. Four copies of the Human are able to retrieve fallen Acquisitions Experts or Luminarch Aspirants. Both of these two-drops gain value without having to attack or block. Henrika Domnathi has the elusive third point of toughness to dodge Flame-Blessed Bolt, Voltage Surge (without an artifact to sacrifice) and Valorous Stance. If you ask me, the card is underrated currently and one of the reasons why I like this version of Orzhov. 

Dread Fugue

Dread Fugue is making an appearance as a three-of. The discard is important to clear the way and check if your opponent has any Jwari Disruption to bother you, and you’re always happy to discard Expressive Iteration. Compared to Duress, Dread Fugue is able to take away Goldspan Dragon and Hinata, Dawn-Crowned later on.

The innovation in this build is the amount of discard. Acquisitions Expert, Dread Fugue and Pelakka Predation all work on the resource-heavy Hinata deck. On the other side, Luminarch Aspirant provides pressure while Wedding Announcement and Extraction Specialist provide resiliency.

Overall, Orzhov Midrange is a cool archetype that crowned misplacedginger as the Standard Challenge Champion the prior weekend and got Top 4 this weekend – a consistent performance and strong showing back to back. If you’re tired of playing Hinata mirrors, try out Orzhov Midrange!


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