Standard RG Werewolves – Deck Highlight


Standard RG Werewolves by Makusong24


Despite getting their lunch (and brains) eaten by Zombies in draft, Werewolves are a formidable tribe in Standard right now. The combination of early pressure and powerful three-mana plays is a good one, and sets the table nicely for Esika’s Chariot plus Wrenn and Seven to come out and play. Let’s take a look at RG Werewolves!




Header - The Game Plan

Curve out with Werewolves, forcing your opponent to deal with them or die. Use that window to slam the high-end threats and close out the game.


Header - Key Cards

Get used to seeing this dynamic duo in green decks – the Cats get stuck up the tree and your opponent is the one who loses our. Esika’s Chariot is the best card in Standard (or second best if you’re an Alrund’s Epiphany fan) and Wrenn and Seven is the midrange/control planeswalker we’ve been waiting for. The combination gives any green deck a ton of staying power, even an aggressive one like this.


Kessig Naturalist ramps your mana while attacking, and Reckless Stormseeker is just an incredible rate. Once you have the two of them, Tovolar becomes appealing, and can draw you some extra cards as a result. It’s also worth noting that playing any of these starts the day/night cycle, which comes in handy even if they kill the first couple Werewolves.


I love the value this provides. It’s as clean as a two-for-one gets, while giving you a great attacker on top. Briarbridge Tracker is a way to play the attrition game, and play it well.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • It can be worth passing the turn to flip your Werewolves, especially if you have some instants to play on the opponent’s turn.
  • Chariot can copy the Wrenn and Seven token, which provides incredible value.
  • Reckless Stormseeker into Chariot is the dream – just make sure to crew Chariot before your beginning of combat so you can haste it.


Header - Baby, I'm Howlin' for You

Werewolves are a hit in Standard, and this is one of the more Wolf-heavy lists. Unleash your inner beast!


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