Standard Reanimator Brew Fest

Reanimator is a classic Magic strategy—return a giant monster from the graveyard to the battlefield for a fraction of the cost and unleash it on the opponent.

Mass reanimator is a similar classic Magic strategy—return a swarm of creatures from the graveyard to the battlefield all at once and overwhelm the opponent.

Promising reanimator lists of both types have been sent my way—ones that reanimate a single giant creature with Necromancer’s Summons, or an entire team with Rally the Ancestors. The mass reanimator strategy has proven competitive with a breakout tournament performance this past weekend in the hands of Pascal Maynard. But the single reanimator strategy has yet to do much.

Rather than tackle this issue all by myself I thought it would be better to open this up as a community Brew Fest. The goal is to take the underdog reanimator strategy and push it as far as it can go. The archetype may be fundamentally flawed in the current metagame for some reason, but our focus is on using the best possible tools to create the best possible solution. Let’s make the most of it.

Reanimator Cards

The first thing to think about is how we are going to reanimate a big creature in the first place. It turns out there are no 1-mana Reanimates or 2-mana Exhumes. The cheapest spell we have is Kheru Lich Lord or Fearsome Awakening at 5 mana. Still, 5 mana is a good deal to get back an 8- or 9-mana creature.

Other options like Kheru Lich Lord and Emeria Shepherd are slow to get off the ground, but can be the engine to take over any long game.

Reanimator Enablers

Next we need to figure out how to get our fat monster into the graveyard. There are several ways to discard our hand at an efficient price and dump a monster that we otherwise couldn’t cast. There are also some good options for digging monsters out of the library and moving them directly to the graveyard.

Reanimator Targets

Finally we need to consider what our reanimation targets are going to be. Standard is rich of Dragonlords and Eldrazi, although the best Eldrazi are most useful when cast from hand. Most promising is Emeria Shepherd, as this card can be both a reanimation enabler and a great reanimation target itself.

Altogether we have the ingredients to make a reanimator deck: we have the reanimation, we have the graveyard enablers, and we have the giant monsters. Our mission is to now develop the strategy in such a way that it can be most effective in the current meta.

Standard Reanimator Submission Guidelines

  • Standard Format
  • Reanimates Big Creatures
  • Cost Sorted Low to High
  • Brief Description

I will go through all of the submissions and pull out some of the most effective technology to follow up with a Standard Reanimator Brew Fest results next week. I’m confident we will get some good stuff that can surprise people as to how effective this strategy can be when put together the right way.

I look forward to reading your submissions in the comments!

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