Standard Power Rankings – 8/23/21

Not much changed in the world of Standard this week, largely because there weren’t many tournaments or even much ladder action. With that being said, here are this week’s Standard Power Rankings.



1. Naya Winota


Winota is still the deck to beat in Standard. The deck has the best nut draw in the format, capable of playing Winota, Joiner of Forces and attacking with multiple creatures as early as turn three. From there, more creatures get put onto the battlefield attacking. The Winota deck can put opponents in awkward positions since there’s temptation to leave mana available, but then the Winota player can just do other things, eating through removal, or completely out-tempoing the opponent. Naya Winota had a 64.8 percent win rate this week from Platinum to Mythic.


2. Naya Adventures


The next best deck in Standard is the first of three Adventure decks at the top of the standings. Naya Adventures is a deck that’s been at the top for quite a while, hovering around first to fourth throughout its tenure. This is the best adventure deck as of late and it finished this week with a 63.9 percent win rate from Platinum to Mythic on Untapped.gg.


3. Gruul Magda


The second of the Adventure decks, Gruul packs one less color, but the benefit of being a little more aggressive and having cards like Embercleave as a top-end. Gruul is another deck that has been one of the better decks for quite a while and the deck of choice for many great players in a lot of events. The breakthrough of Magda, Brazen Outlaw by Raphael Levy put the deck back on the map, and it’s really stayed there. Gruul had a 65.2 percent win rate this week on Untapped.gg from Platinum to Mythic.


4. Temur Lukka


This is the third Adventure deck, rounding out the top four in the standings. Temur Lukka uses an Adventure-based strategy with blue instead of white or simply being two colors, and has the combo of Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast and Koma, Cosmos Serpent. We had to go back to data from the last month to get win rates for a lot of decks this time around, probably because people are patiently awaiting rotation or trying their hand at Standard 2022, but Temur Lukka had a 63.8 win rate in the past six weeks from Platinum to Mythic. 


5. Sultai Ultimatum


Sultai is the best control deck in Standard and has been for a very long time. The deck has basically a one-card win condition in Emergent Ultimatum, and a good plan with ramp, removal, sweepers and powerful cards to interact with Yorion, Sky Nomad. Sultai has not been as popular as it once was, but it’s a very strong deck with game in any matchup. Overall, Sultai had a 60.9 percent win rate this week from Platinum to Mythic.


6. Rogues


Rogues lived at the top of the standings, but has moved down as the top spots are dominated by green decks. It has a strong game plan of cheap counters, threats, removal and card draw, and for that reason it will continue to be a viable deck until rotation. Rogues has a 60.8 percent win rate in the past six weeks from Platinum to Mythic.

7. Izzet Dragons


When this deck first broke into Standard, it was what I’d consider to be a pet deck of mine. The deck has been well refined since its inception and continues to be a fun and strong deck. While at points it was among the best and most popular decks, it’s a bit behind now. Izzet Dragons has a 61.5 percent win rate in the last six weeks from Platinum to Mythic.

8. Mono-Red Aggro


Mono-Red is a deck that I’ve always liked as well. Embercleave is one of the most powerful cards that’s been in Standard for some time. Any deck with aggressive creatures and Embercleave is capable of winning games very quickly and easily. Mono-Red has a lot of cheap creatures and in addition to the top-end of Embercleave and Torbran, Thane of Red Fell capable of finishing a game. The deck had a 62.6 percent win rate in the past six weeks.



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