Standard Power Rankings – 7/5/21

For the final installment of Power Rankings before AFR, I am going to rank the decks over the course of the season instead of the past week.  Many of these decks are likely to still be among the best come AFR, but we’ll see which of the new cards shake up the format.



1. Sultai

Sultai is the signature deck of the cycle.  It was frequently the most popular and best deck at the big events.  The stats on Untapped.gg have it with a bit over a 55% winrate.  That being said, it has the most matches by a decent margin; 34,000 matches in their stats from Diamond to Mythic, with second place being Temur and Red at 24,000.

2. Temur

This deck really waxed and waned throughout the season.  It was pretty popular at the beginning, not very popular in the middle, and had a bit of a resurgence at the end.  The winrate of the deck in Diamond to Mythic was 58.5%.


3. Mono-Red Aggro

Mono Red has been a threat in every tournament ever since the printing of Embercleave.  The deck has good cheap creatures, removal in Bonecrusher Giant and Frost Bite, as well as a good top end with the afforementioned Embercleave and Torbran.  Anax is a problem card as it’s good against removal, and creates a problem for decks without exile effects.  This deck had a 58.1% winrate this season in Diamond to Mythic according to Untapped.gg.


4. Naya Adventures

Naya has been doing well later in the season, while not being quite as popular earlier on.  The deck does boast one of the highest winrates in Diamond to Mythic on Untapped.gg at 58.6%, but “only” 11,000 matches.  The adventure package is very strong and Showdown of the Skalds is also a card that can often win games on its own.


5. Jeskai Cycling

This deck has been a threat throughout the entire season.  When entering an event, if one were to be unprepared for cycling, it was certainly a choice that had to be made at one’s own peril.  The deck has risen and fallen in popularity, though this past weekend was strongly represented in the final league weekend, both in results and pilots.  The deck had a 59% winrate this season, from Diamond to Mythic, on Untapped.gg, the second highest winrate, with 6200 matches.


6. Izzet Dragons

This was my favorite deck early in the season, but sort of fell out of favor due to other decks rising up.  The deck had a resurgence after one of the big tournaments where Seth Manfield, Brad Nelson, and teammates played the deck, and has remained one of the more popular decks in standard since then.  The deck had a 55.9% winrate this season from Diamond to Mythic according to Untapped.gg, with 19000 matches.


7. Rogues

I think Rogues got by a lot on its legacy this season.  If this had been a new deck, it might not have been ranked as often, played as much, or prepared for as intensly.  That being said, Rogues is and has been a strong archetype with a great game plan, and many great players chose it as their weapon this season.  Rogues had a 55.9% winrate from Diamond to Mythic this season according to Untapped.gg, with 15000 matches.


8. Gruul

Gruul gained a lot of popularity later in the season, after Raphael Levy pioneered the Magda Gruul deck.  Later, he even added blue, which caught on a bit as well. The final stats for Gruul were a 56.6% winrate from Diamond to Mythic and 14000 matches played.  Gruul is another deck that is sure to be good based on the strength of its best cards; Edgewall Innkeeper, Goldspan Dragon, and Embercleave.


9. Mono-White

Mono-White had the highest winrate of the season according to Untapped.gg at 60.4% with 10000 matches.  However, I don’t feel that it was overly represented in the big events, and don’t remember a lot of people choosing it in the most important tournaments.  Maybe I’m wrong and I’m not giving the deck enough respect, but I don’t feel like when we think back on this season that Mono-White will be a standout.


10. Jeskai Mutate

If this deck was popularized earlier in the season, it’s possible this would be higher on the list.  It was the talk of the town a few weeks ago, but sort of fell off a bit, and relatively quickly.  For the season Jeskai had a 57.9% winrate from Diamond to Mythic, but that number only encompasses 4900 matches.


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