Standard Power Rankings – 6/21/21

Strixhaven Standard is beginning to wind down, and I’m certainly ready for Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. Standard could really use a shakeup, so I’m looking forward to AFR and preview season. This past weekend we have the CFB Pro Showdown, won by Sean Hunter with Naya Adventures. Congrats to Sean! Let’s take a look at some of the late season Standard Power Rankings.



1. Naya Adventures


Naya Adventures is the best deck in Standard right now and has climbed up to the top of the Standard Power Rankings. I personally started playing it a lot after Logan Nettles made the Top 8 in the Strixhaven Championship, and this past weekend Sean Hunter won the CFB Pro Showdown with Naya Adventures. Sean also went on to beat me as the End Boss, again, in a 75-card mirror. Untapped.gg shows Naya having a 59.3 percent win rate in Gold to Mythic over the last week overall, with the best deck performing at a 57.7 percent win rate.


2. Sultai Ultimatum


Sultai moves to the number two spot in the Standard Power Rankings for the first time in a while. This was the runner up in the Showdown, as well as an additional copy in Top 8, and it remains one of the best decks in the format. The deck had a 55.1 percent win rate over the past week from Gold to Mythic according to Untapped.gg, with the best performing copy sitting at a 56.8 percent win rate.


3. Jeskai Mutate


Jeskai Mutate is still high on the Standard Power Rankings but the win rate has dropped off a little bit from a week ago. I suspect this is partly due to people being more prepared for the deck and playing better against it. Untapped has this deck at 54.7 percent in the past week from Gold to Mythic, with the best-performing version only achieving a 50.4 percent win rate.


4. Mono-Red


Mono-Red is still the main aggressive deck in Standard. Gruul and Mono-Red have both vied for the title of best aggro deck in Standard for a while, but I give the edge to Mono-Red. Mono-Red is a popular deck, partly because it’s fast for sure, but the deck is also very strong. Bonecrusher Giant is one of the best cards in the format, and Embercleave is one of the best finishers. Untapped.gg stats give Mono-Red a 58.7 percent win rate this week in Gold to Mythic, with the single best deck going a whopping 63.1 percent.


5. Izzet Dragons


Izzet Dragons is one of the most popular decks in Standard. Only Sultai Ultimatum has more matches in Gold to Mythic. Izzet has been at the forefront of Standard for a while, a particular favorite of Seth Manfield in many of the major events of recent months. The deck had a 55.7 percent win rate this week from Gold to Mythic according to Untapped.gg, while the best-performing version has a 57 percent win rate.


6. Gruul


Gruul is the second best aggro deck in Standard behind Mono-Red. Magda, Brazen Outlaw is a powerful card, which tends to be the focal point. The deck is aggressive, has Edgewall Innkeeper and good finishers. The stats for this week from Untapped.gg from Gold to Mythic are showing a 56.1 percent win rate for the archetype, while the best-performing list has a 60.5 percent win rate.

7. Temur


Temur has been having a bit of a resurgence in popularity, and a decent win rate to boot. It’s possible Temur is poised to take a run up the Standard Power Rankings. This week, from Gold to Mythic, it had a win rate of 59.8% on Untapped.gg, one of the highest win rates of the week, as well as the highest single list win rate at 66.3 percent.


8. Rogues


Rogues was once the top dog in Standard, but really the deck hasn’t been able to maintain it’s top standing recently. The deck has declined a little bit in popularity, and I think it’s largely because of the power of the two aggressive decks; Mono-Red and Gruul. Rogues had a 57.9 percent win rate from Gold to Mythic this week, while the best performing list goes back to April with a 60.7 percent win rate.

9. Mono-White


This deck had a great win rate last week, but this week, it didn’t have enough matches to make the list. Mono-White is a good deck, but tends to be a little worse than Mono-Red from an aggressive perspective, or Naya if you want to be more of a midrange deck. Like Rogues, you’d have to go back to April on Untapped.gg to find a list, with the best-performing deck sitting at a 65 percent win rate.

10. Cycling


This deck tends to wax and wane. It does well and is played a lot one week and maybe not so much the next. This week, the deck did really well, actually having the highest win rate according to untapped.gg, was 61.9 percent, while the best-performing list all the way back from April is at a 62.6 percent win rate. I think this deck is still attackable and tends to just come and go, without every really being a top choice.

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