Standard Power Rankings – 6/14/21

We’re two weeks out from the Strixhaven Championship, and the next major event on my calendar is the next League Weekend, around July 4. I played some Standard this week though, mostly with Naya Adventures, and refined some opinions. I checked the data on Untapped.gg to see how the data compares with my own thoughts. Here are the Standard Power Rankings for the week, with this in mind.



1. Sultai Ultimatum


I still think this is the strongest deck in Standard, though I admit I don’t think it’s as clear as I did a couple weeks ago. It only has a 55.6 percent win rate in Diamond and Mythic this week according to Untapped.gg and has the largest sample size of all their listed decks. It’s possible I’m overrating the deck now, but it has such a strong game plan and an almost I win card.


2. Jeskai Mutate


This deck has rocketed in popularity as well as success over the past week. After two copies in the Top 8 of the Strixhaven Championship, perhaps people gave the deck credit for being more than just a meme deck, or at least made a better effort to understand it. The deck has a 58.5 percent win rate in Diamond and Mythic this week, which is impressive. We’ll see if it continues to gain steam or if people learn to play against it as well as they are learning to play it.


3. Naya Adventures


I played a lot of this deck this week and did quite well with it. It looked impressive last weekend when Logan Nettles played it in the Strixhaven Championship and it also has a 61.2 percent win rate over the past week in Diamond and Mythic, according to Untapped.gg. I’ve said this deck was underrated for a while and I’m ready to move it up the Standard Power Rankings.

4. Izzet Dragons


Izzet Dragons is a great deck. The deck has cheap interaction, card draw and a good top-end with Goldspan Dragon and Alrund’s Epiphany. Expressive Iteration makes the deck. That’s a card that’s been an all-star across formats. Izzet Dragons had a 51.4 percent win rate this week according to Untapped.gg.


5. Mono-Red


I think Mono-Red is the best pure aggro deck in Standard right now, edging out Gruul. Mono-Red is fast, can empty its hand quickly, has some resiliency due to Anax, Hardened in the Forge and Faceless Haven and a great top-end in Embercleave and Torbran, Thane of Red Fell. Mono-Red won 55.5 percent of its matches this week in Dimaond and Mythic according to Untapped.gg.


6. Gruul


This has not been the most impressive deck to me. I think it’s a little weaker than Mono-Red, though it has a lot going for it as well. Edgewall Innkeeper is still an obscene Magic card and this deck combines it with aggressive creatures and Lovestruck Beast, an all-star in creature mirrors. This deck won 53.2 percent of its matches in Diamond and Mythic this week according to Untapped.gg.


7. Temur


I’ve been down on this deck for a while. Temur was one of the more popular, and best, decks last season. This week, Temur really overperformed according to Untapped.gg’s data. It won 62.8 percent in Diamond and Mythic. Temur is great against red, which has become a little more popular, and maybe also fares well against the Jeskai deck. 


8. Rogues


Rogues didn’t make Untapped.gg’s tier list from Diamond to Mythic, but if we go to Platinum to Mythic, we see Rogues winning at 56.5 percent. I think Rogues has declined in popularity because it’s just not that great against the other top decks. The aggressive decks are good against Rogues, many Sultai lists have a couple copies of Polukranos, Unchained and Izzet has a lot of cheap removal and counters of its own.


9. Mono-White


Mono White wasn’t popular in the Strixhaven Championship and I haven’t been paired against it much on ladder. It does have a 62 percent win rate on Untapped, which is impressive. In fact, it’s the best win rate between Platinum to Mythic. I suspect this is a popular deck for climbing the latter, but doesn’t fare that well against the strongest brackets with the strongest decks.

10. Jeskai Cycling


This deck has been in a “wane” period of it’s popularity. It isn’t represented in the recent data sets – I had to go all the way back to April to find these numbers – and hasn’t been all that impressive lately. This deck comes and goes, and occasionally shows up and does well in a big event, but it’s been a while, so its sunken to last place in the Standard Power Rankings.


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