Standard Power Rankings – 4/5/21

Today’s Power Rankings are the second to last before Strixhaven hits Standard. Next weekend is the final League Weekend as well, which will be the last relevant matches for Kaldheim Standard. As for this previous weekend, there was the Insight 5k tournament, but mostly the Rankings will still rely on the Kaldheim Championship the weekend before.



1. Rogues

Soaring Thought-ThiefDrown in the LochInto the Story


Arne winning the set championship with Rogues will still puts it in the top spot for this week. Next week will be the last chance for it to be dethroned.

2. Sultai

Sultai and its variants have seemed much more popular on the ladder this week than Temur has. I decided to switch these two because I found them previously to be so close in the Rankings anyway.


3. Temur Adventures

Alrund's EpiphanyEdgewall InnkeeperGoldspan Dragon


Edgewall Innkeeper and the adventure package is just such a good shell for a Standard deck. Goldspan Dragon and The Great Henge are great top-end cards as well, making this is just one of the more powerful decks.


4. Mono-Red


Hyper aggressive creatures plus Embercleave – it’s a surefire recipe. The deck is capable of running over some of the slower and more clunky decks, and any deck can struggle against a perfect draw from the red deck.

5. Jeskai Cycling


This deck has seemingly done pretty well this season when looking at win rates, but what it hasn’t done is had a major win. I think the deck’s pretty consistent and can sometimes steal games, but it’s maybe not quite as powerful as some of the other top decks.


6. Mono-White


This deck had a good finish over the weekend from Mike Sigrist, but I still think the deck is a bit weaker than the other decks here. 

7. Esper Doom


Sorry again, Mengu.


8. Mardu Dragon

Woe StriderGoldspan DragonShowdown of the Skalds


This deck won the 5k over the weekend, so I felt that it was worth including. Congrats to Samsoni1!


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