Standard Power Rankings – 3/29/21

It’s getting to be about that time – we’re getting to the end of another Standard format. Yesterday, Arne Huschenbeth won the Kaldheim Championship with Rogues in Standard as well as Orzhov Auras in Historic. For the sake of the Standard Power Rankings, we don’t need to worry much about the Historic portion. Congrats to Arne on the great play and great result! He’s a deserving champion.



1. Rogues

Soaring Thought-ThiefDrown in the LochInto the Story


The deck that wins the Championship is hard pressed to not be the top spot in the Rankings. I’ve said it before but Rogues has a very powerful game plan with cheap threats, cheap interaction and strong card draw. The deck’s great at controlling the game, playing for tempo and interacting with opposing threats. 


2. Temur Adventures

Alrund's EpiphanyEdgewall InnkeeperGoldspan Dragon


Temur actually had the best win rate in the swiss portion of the event, with Rogues being second. Edgewall Innkeeper is just such a great card, and it’s hard to imagine the best Edgewall Innkeeper deck not being in one of the top spots in the ratings.

There are a fair number of variants of Temur – some with Obosh, the Preypiercer, some without, some with Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast, some with Alrund’s Epiphany, some without. I think it’s likely the version Javier played is the best type of Temur list. 


3. Sultai Ultimatum


Sultai is so strong as it’s one of the only decks in the format that can play mana acceleration. Having accelerants in Wolfwillow Haven and Binding the Old Gods, as well as having a single card, Emergent Ultimatum, that can get out of most situations when resolved is a solid game plan. 


4. Mono-Red


It’s hard to go wrong with cheap creatures, great removal in Frost Bite, an incredible creature-land in Faceless Haven and Embercleave. I’d say this is the fourth, and final, of the decks that would leave this format as being Tier 1. I think these four decks were just a cut above. While some other decks were good at times, these were just a step ahead in the totality of the format.


5. Jeskai Cycling


This is a good deck, but it really hasn’t put up the results. It’s able to be interacted with a fair bit, and a lot of decks have counters which tend to be good against the game plan of Zenith Flare.


6. Gruul Food


Noriyuki Mori made Top 8 with a Gruul Food list that I actually lost to in the tournament. I’m putting this on the list because I was impressed with the deck. It seemed decently well positioned and is sort of a hybrid between Mono-Green Food and Gruul Adventures.


7. Mono-White


This deck broke out big time, but since then, despite a lot of play, really hasn’t had great results. That being said, it was and is an important deck in the evolution of the format, so I think it’s right to have it on the rankings.


8. Esper (or Four Color) Doom


Sorry, Mengu.


9. Naya


The format sort of passed Naya by. As midrange strategies got stronger, Naya decks tried to become cheaper and faster, but it just wasn’t good enough to compete with the top four. Accordingly, all flavors of Naya have dramatically fallen off in popularity.



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