Standard Power Rankings – 2/22/21

With the Arena Open over the weekend being Limited, there weren’t as many Standard tournaments as there often are. That being said, there was still an SCG 5K Kaldheim Qualifier as well as satellites and, with Magic League Weekend coming up, the overall interest in Standard didn’t seem to wane much. Here are the Power Rankings adjust for this week.



1. Mono-Red


Mono-Red and Mono-White both burst onto the scene last week, and it seems like after this weekend’s results that Mono-Red has won the fight for the top spot. Mono-Red outperformed every deck, thanks in no small part to Embercleave. Mono-Red has often been one of the best decks in the past couple years, and right now, it’s taking the number one spot. Congrats to Christoffer Larsen for winning the 5k Kaldheim Championship Qualifier SCG event!


2. Gruul


Gruul was another of the most popular decks over the weekend, another top performer and hmm… another deck with Embercleave! That’s probably just a coincidence. Edgewall Innkeeper has not been one to be outdone over the course of its Standard career and keeps showing up at the top of the standings and, in turn, the rankings.


3. Naya Showdown


Naya, like Gruul, is another Lovestruck Beast deck, which makes a lot of sense to me in terms of dealing with aggressive strategies. Embercleave is in this deck as well, which keeps it consistent against the slow and durdlely decks. 


4. Jeskai Cycling

Zenith FlareValiant RescuerFlourishing Fox


This deck has made a comeback as of late and has performing really well. This deck can be somewhat hard to target and Zenith Flare resolving is often lethal against a deck that doesn’t pressure your life total.

5. Sultai Ultimatum

Emergent UltimatumVorinclex, Monstrous RaiderAlrund's Epiphany


This is still the most popular durdlely deck, and for good reason. The number of games where a player casts Emergent Ultimatum and doesn’t win is pretty small, though of course, casting a XXYYYZZ sorcery for seven mana is not trivial. The Yorion, Sky Nomad/Binding the Old Gods combo helps a ton with that too, controlling the board and fixing the mana.


6. Snow White


I wonder if Mono-Red wasn’t a deck if Snow White would’ve been way more popular. Truthfully, I’ve personally played a ton of white and done very well, but I think red is clearly a tier above in terms of popularity and results. Last weekend was the weekend of white, but this weekend was the weekend of red.


7. Rakdos Sacrifice

Kroxa, Titan of Death's HungerWoe StriderImmersturm Predator


Rakdos Sacrifice is an interesting spot now, as it didn’t do that great when the midrange decks were doing well, but to me it seems to have a good chance against a more aggressive-based metagame. With access to cheap removal in both red and black, it has a lot of tools at its disposal.


8. Rogues

Soaring Thought-ThiefDrown in the LochInto the Story


I keep putting Rogues on the list because I feel like the deck must be strong. Honestly though, I rarely play against it and it doesn’t seem to be showing up or doing that well. Is it time for Rogues to go? We’ll see after MPL League Weekend on Saturday. 

9. Esper Doom


This could possibly also include some Four Color Yorion Variants with Doom Foretold. These decks did okay, while not as popular as a lot of decks on the list. I personally think straight Sultai is a stronger deck at the moment, and it’s definitely more popular. Perhaps as the metagame continues to shift, that balance could shift as well.


10. Izzet Flash

Goldspan DragonSaw It ComingBonecrusher Giant


This deck has really fallen off. Goldspan Dragon is still one of the best cards in Kaldheim, but counterspells as a whole have gotten weaker over time.



What do you think? What’s right and what’s wrong with these rankings?


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