Standard Orzhov Midrange is Sweeping Tournaments!


Standard Orzhov Midrange by Hisamichi Yoshigoe




Hisamichi Yoshigoe went on an impressive 10-0 run to win Saturday’s Championship Qualifier with this innovative take on Orzhov Midrange. But the story doesn’t end there – a day later, Marin Toromanoff doubled down by taking the same 75 and going on to win Sunday’s Championship Qualifier by going 10-0 as well. That’s absolutely amazing! Without a doubt, Yoshigoe’s Orzhov stole the show last weekend.

We all know about the various Orzhov Sacrifice Decks, some splashing for blue and some for red. They historically beat up on aggressive decks and are very strong in a midrange fight. But the world we found ourselves in before going into the weekend was a world full of Jeskai Combo and Naya Runes, two decks that Orzhov Sacrifice struggles to keep up with.

DuressHumiliateConcealing Curtains // Revealing Eye

This is what Yoshigoe’s Orzhov is successfully fixing. With the hand interaction in the form of Duress, Humiliate and Concealing Curtains you have a much better plan against the blue decks. Combine that with hard-hitting two-drops like Luminarch Aspirant and Silverquill Silencer and you have yourself a good matchup against Jeskai Combo and UW Control.

The deck is much more resilient than Sacrifice due to not relying on synergies to come together, and instead just play the very best cards on each spot in the mana curve that black and white have to offer in Standard.

Rite of OblivionShowdown of the Skalds

How do you attack this deck? I believe, funnily enough, that the previously neglected Orzhov Sacrifice decks have a leg up against this Orzhov build due to the power of Rite of Oblivion in midrange fights. I believe Naya Runes is a fine choice to face off against Orzhov Midrange due to its explosive draws and Showdown of the Skalds being incredibly good against Orzhov.

In any case, with last weekend’s breakout tournament results you should certainly have this deck on your radar. And if you’re a fan of playing midrange, but rather utilize sheer power instead of Eyetwitches and Shambling Ghasts, I recommend giving Orzhov Midrange a try.


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