Standard Naya Showdown – Deck Highlight


Standard Naya Showdown by Gonito


I was watching Greg Kowalski’s stream yesterday and boy, did he have a good run. He went 18-0 with this Standard Naya Showdown list that I believe comes from MTGO player Gonito. 

To be fair, nine of Greg’s wins was a player (or maybe an actual bot) that just keeps conceding as soon as the game starts, on an adventure to reach 0% mythic rank. I’m not sure why anyone would want to spend their time doing that, unless it’s some kind of a bot that’s programmed to just capture what the opponents are playing or something. Either way, nine wins in a row in high mythic is still a great result.

But back to the actual deck list. I see a lot of cool things going on, mainly the combo between Drannith Magistrate and Elite Spellbinder, which makes the cards go away for good.


Drannith MagistrateElite Spellbinder

Don’t forget that in a heavy adventure field, Drannith Magistrate is a solid card on its own and decks like Temur have a pretty hard time beating it. 

There are only two Clarion Spirits, which tells me this list isn’t as interested in swarming the board with tokens, as it’s also missing cards like Felidar Retreat to really help push them through. Instead, you now have Elite Spellbinder which gives the deck another flyer and works well as a great target for the Showdown of the Skald +1/+1 triggers. 

In my opinion, this kind of deck is very well positioned right now, as the Showdowns and Giant Killers should give you an advantage in the adventure mirrors. Elite Spellbinder can also be a key card against Sultai by slowing them down just enough to finish them off before they can either play a big sweeper or an Emergent Ultimatum.

Sideboard looks good to me as well, with Ox of Agonas and Klothys, God of Destiny against Rogues, Reidane, God of the Worthy and Roiling Vortex against Sultai Ultimatum and Redcap Melee and Glass Casket as some cheap removal against decks like Mono-Red. 

I’m not sure about Toski, Bearer of Secrets right now and would consider playing something possibly more impactful like Goldspan Dragon, but I’m unsure if the mana would support it.


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