Standard MTG Invoke Justice Reanimator with Dominaria United

Reanimator strategies have been picking up steam in Dominaria United Standard, with Invoke Justice Reanimator being one of the best options!

1 thought on “Standard MTG Invoke Justice Reanimator with Dominaria United”

  1. So I was having a ton of issues with Sheoldred, and was like nothing we have removes her unless she attacks, well i started searching though standard legal cards and landed on Touch the Spirit Realm, so I made room for 2 in the SB, the card has been absolutely fantastic offensively and defensively, when im not exiling my enemies unlicensed hearse’s and sheoldreds, its been great for blinking my etb effects either for value or protection, or restarting my saga’s in the same manner. You should try it out tell me what ya think

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