Standard Mono-White Aggro – Deck Highlight

Standard Mono-White Aggro


Standard Mono-White Aggro by Paolo Prenassi


Mono-White Aggro has been one of the most popular deck in Standard, and with Strixhaven, it even got a new tool – Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa himself, Elite Spellbinder.

Elite Spellbinder

Paolo Prenassi finished in the Top 12 in last weekend’s SCG Strixhaven Set Championship Qualifier with four copies of Elite Spellbinder replacing Maul of the Skyclaves, which went down from four copies to one. The Spellbinder is able to bring the flying beatdown as well as disrupt your opponent’s Shadows’ Verdict or any other way to interact with your threats. It also combines well with Reidane, God of the Worthy, as they’re both hosers for the Sultai Ultimatum matchup as well as relevant cards that can race in the air against creature decks.

Drannith Magistrate

Paolo’s deck also includes a couple of Drannith Magistrate directly in the main deck. These stop the opponent’s Adventures from being two-for-ones, with Lovestruck Beast just being a three-mana 5/5 and Bonecrusher Giant being just a three-mana 4/3. It also stops Emergent Ultimatum from properly resolving as long as the Magistrate is in play.

I’m not entirely sure how good Drannith Magistrate is against Sultai. However, the Magistrate can be annoying if your opponent can’t remove it before resolving an Ultimatum.


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