Standard Mono-Red with Forgotten Realms – Deck Highlight

Standard Mono-Red Aggro by Andrea Mengucci



Flameskull is a powerful mythic rare from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms that’s an evasive threat that’s also hard to kill, and it fits perfectly into Mono-Red Aggro in Standard.


Much like Anax, Hardened in the Forge, it won’t be easy for your opponent to deal with Flameskull with a single removal spell since you’ll be able to use its rejuvenation ability and recast your Skeleton whenever you get the choice.

Remember that you still have to follow timing restrictions, so for example, if your opponent plays a Doomskar, you aren’t able to replay the Flameskull in your opponent’s turn. However, you can still exile it and then cast it on your turn since it says “until the end of your next turn.”

Also, remember that you get the choice to cast the top card of your deck too, so if you were to exile a Bonecrusher Giant or Frost Bite you can opt for those instead. Flameskull says “play,” so you’re even able to get a land off of it, which can definitely be relevant in certain games.


The default home for Flameskull will be Mono-Red, which also will get a couple of Den of the Bugbear. You don’t want to play too many of these since you still need to keep your snow land count high for Faceless Haven, which is the superior creature land, but this is certainly a strong card to add to your monocolor aggro decks that’s much better than Castle Embereth.


The final addition to Mono-Red comes from the sideboard in the form of Burning Hands, which is similar to Fry from Core 2020. It’s part of a cycle and the red one targets green. With Burning Hands, you’re able to kill Lovestruck Beast, Koma, Cosmos Serpent and Elder Gargaroth, historically very annoying cards for Mono-Red to deal with. 


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