Standard Mono-Green Stompy – Deck Highlight


Standard Mono-Green Stompy by Dakiti


Today’s list is a Standard Mono-Green Stompy deck that went 5-0 in a recent MTGO Standard league, played by MTGO user Dakiti.

Mono-Green seems to make some sense right now. The deck has a lot of success in standard over the past couple years, albeit not recently. With Gruul and Mono-Red very popular right now, and Mono-White on the rise, Mono-Green seems like a reasonable response to those decks.


GemrazerThe Great HengePrimal Might

Mono-Green also has game against the slower decks like Sultai as well, although it maybe not be as good as some decks with sporting cards like Embercleave or similar. Gemrazer gives some answers to permanents that other decks trouble answering such as opposing The Great Henge, Embercleave or random enchantments before they get Yorion‘d. 

Against creature decks, the large bodies, cheap blockers and decent removal in Primal Might are good enough to swing a matchup.


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