Standard Mono-Green Aggro – Deck Highlight


Standard Mono-Green Aggro by Neko



I noticed an updated Standard Mono-Green Aggro deck in the hands of Willy Edel in the Top 4 of one of the most recent Standard Challenges and then the very next one was actually won by a very similar list by nekonekoneko.


Ranger ClassWerewolf Pack Leader

Ranger Class, Werewolf Pack Leader and Lair of the Hydra are all excellent improvements for the deck that should boost both it’s early game and the late game. 


Stonecoil SerpentGemrazer

A while ago, Gruul used to run Stonecoil Serpent and Gemrazer, but ended up cutting it, mostly because how bad was Stonecoil against Skyclave Apparition. In general, there aren’t a lot of good targets for Gemrazer as well outside of The Great Henge and Anax, Hardened in the Forge. Right now, with all the Class enchantments and cards like Showdown of the Skalds and Mazemind Tome being quite popular, I think it’s a good time for Gemrazer comeback.


One of the biggest question marks for me is which creatureland is better or if you should just play both. Faceless Haven is obviously amazing because three mana to activate to deal four damage is an amazing deal, but Lair can be a bigger threat in the late game. Willy actually ran four Lair and zero Faceless Haven in his deck

What I found really interesting is that Neko played against Sultai eight out of the nine matches and considering their overall score was 8-1, it must’ve been quite a slaughter. I will definitely be trying this deck myself to see what it’s capable of.

Lastly, if you expect a lot of mono-green decks, you can run Oakhame Adversary in the sideboard!


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