Standard Mardu Sacrifice – Deck Highlight


Mardu Sacrifice by Florian Klein


Florian Klein made the finals of the CFB Pro Showdown with Standard Mardu Sacrifice. I think that’s worth a highlight in these times when the format looks like it mostly just revolves around the Adventure decks, Sultai Ramp, Rogues and Mono-Red. 

Other than the usual tools like Claim the Firstborn and Woe Strider plus Village Rites, there’s actually a lot of cool stuff going on.

EyetwitchHunt for Specimens


Eyetwitch and Hunt for Specimens gives this deck an interesting learn twist. The sideboard offers a lot of Lessons – double Necrotic Fumes and double Pest Summoning indicate that those are usually the first to grab with the learn mechanic. Otherwise, Start from Scratch can kill an Edgewall Innkeeper or get rid of The Great Henge, Illuminate History can help if you’re flooding out and Mascot Exhibition can also help in the long game when you have a lot of lands out. 

The cost of multiple sideboard slots is real, but these kind of synergy decks generally don’t want to sideboard too much anyway and there aren’t very many great options regardless.

Extus, Oriq Overlord // Awaken the Blood Avatar


Another interesting card is Extus, Oriq Overlord, but judging by the mana base, which includes Fabled Passages but no Plains, you almost always want to cast the flip side of this card –  Awaken the Blood Avatar. 

Thanks to all the tokens, you shouldn’t have a problem casting this guy ahead of the curve and there’s even some cool synergy with the learn and Lesson cards.

Standard Mardu Sacrifice looks cool and if you want to see it in action, check it out the VOD from the CFB Pro Showdown this weekend!

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