Standard Jeskai Mutate – Deck Highlight


Standard Jeskai Mutate by Riley Hicks


Today’s deck is a Standard Jeskai Mutate combo deck played by Riley Hicks in one of the SCG Satellites. I tried a deck like this before the release of Strixhaven and I found it to be an interesting and fun deck. This is a cool take on it that’s also using Goldspan Dragon.


Vadrok, Apex of ThunderOpen the OmenpathsLore DrakkisGoldspan Dragon

The deck can use mutate cards in combination with Vadrok, Apex of Thunder, and whenever another creature is mutated onto the creature with Vadrok, Open the Omenpaths can be returned to hand to cast more creatures, hopefully with mutate, for “free.” Then, if you’re able to put a Goldspan Dragon into play and start mutating onto that, you ca make a Treasure every time. If you have Lore Drakkis, you can then start returning Seize the Spoils as well and even net mana if you have Goldspan Dragon.

I haven’t tried this deck yet, but I really can’t wait – it looks like so much fun!


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