Standard Izzet Dragons – Deck Highlight


Standard Izzet Dragons by Martin Juza



One of the decks I tested for the upcoming MPL Gauntlet is Izzet Dragons. 



After playing a bunch of games against my teammates, I settled on this version. Cinderclasm is amazing against the aggro decks like Winota, Gruul or Naya Adventures, especially at instant speed. Given that these decks are mostly built around cheap cards like Jaspera Sentinel, Magda, Brazen Outlaw and Edgewall Innkeeper, it’s not uncommon to get a three-for-one trade with it. 


Burning HandsMazemind Tome

Another great new addition to this deck is Burning Hands. Previously, if your opponent resolved Polukranos, Unchained, Elder Gargaroth or even Lovestruck Beast, you were in big trouble. Now you have a clean two-mana answer for it .

All the counters in the sideboard and Mazemind Tomes are necessary to beat slow and control decks like Sultai Ultimatum or Dimir Control. 

One big advantage of this deck now is that most people use Power Word Kill as their removal spell of choice in decks like Rogues, Dimir and even Sultai. Goldspan Dragon, Galazeth Prismari and Faceless Haven all dodge it, which is a pretty big deal if your opponent relies on it. 

Overall, I thought Izzet would be a pretty reasonable choice for this metagame and can recommend this list.



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