Standard Izzet Delver – Deck Highlight


Standard Izzet Delver by Longorian



I’ll be honest, it took me about 20 minutes today to find a cool Standard deck to highlight. There’s a sea of Izzet, Mono-Green, Mono-White and Storm the Festival decks with the occasional Mono-Black or Werewolves and that’s about it. Hopefully the World Championship this weekend brings a breeze of fresh air into the format, but for now it is pretty clear what the best decks are. I did eventually manage to find this interesting looking Standard Izzet Delver deck piloted by Longorian to a 5-0 result in a MTGO League. 

Eight one-drops and eighth two-drops is exactly what you want in a tempo deck, backed up by a little bit of burn, counters and card selection. 


Ascendant SpiritFrost BiteShatterskull Smashing // Shatterskull, the Hammer PassSea Gate Restoration // Sea Gate, Reborn

This deck runs snow lands to enable Ascendant Spirit and Frost Bite, but if you really want to make your Delver flip a bit more often, you can run a normal mana base with four Shatterskull Smashing and four Sea Gate Restoration instead of the corresponding basics. You won’t be able to run Ascendant Spirit and it’s going to make your mana base much more painful, which is probably not a great thing in a world where Mono-Green Aggro is the best deck, but hey, your Delver is going to have a much higher chance to flip!

Flipping Delver aside, this deck looks pretty reasonable to me. Early aggression with counter backup should work against the slow decks and against aggro you have a good amount of burn with Burning Hands waiting in the sideboard for the mono-green decks. 


I could see a couple of copies of Fading Hope in a deck like this that translates tempo into a lot of damage, so you don’t really mind being down a card on the exchange. You can even bounce your own creatures against removal and scrying is good with Delver.

Is this deck going to consistently beat Mono-Green and Izzet? Probably not. But if you’re looking for something cool to play, this deck looks like a decent choice.



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