Standard GW Ramp with Starnheim Unleashed! – Deck Highlight


Standard Selesnya Ramp by Wyatt Darby



Today’s deck is a bit of an offbeat Standard GW Ramp deck that I saw on Wyatt Darby’s Twitter. Wyatt’s explanation was that Starnheim Unleashed is a pet card of his, and it seems to make a lot of sense in this format.


Starnheim UnleashedEsika's Chariot

So far, there’s a lot of going over the top of people, so whoever does the most power thing wins. A Starnheim Unleashed for X=3 or more is great and does just that. It also gives another “five-drop” on the curve that combos very well with Esika’s Chariot, if you need it. Really, even turn three is a fine time to make your first Angel, knowing that you can follow up with a Chariot.


The deck makes use of white removal in the form of Fateful Absence, which was pretty hyped before release but hasn’t quite lived up to expectations yet, in my opinion. It still seems like an extremely strong card, so I’m glad that it’s still showing up in brews. Also, I’ve found Brutal Cathar to be an impressive card and it’s particularly good at dealing with opposing Wrenn tokens.

This deck looks like it checks the box of having all good cards, and Wyatt tends to build decks that are both good and fun, so if you’re looking for yet another take on a Wrenn-Chariot deck, this is worth giving a shot.


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