Standard Esper Gyruda Blink – Deck Highlight


Standard Esper Gyruda Blink by Tsuyoshi Komatsubara


Today’s deck is an Esper Gyruda Blink deck played by Tsuyoshi Komatsubara in one of the big Magic Standard events a couple days ago.


Gyruda, Doom of DepthsThassa, Deep-DwellingDream Trawler

This deck looks cool. It uses Gyruda, Doom of Depths, but not as a companion, as well as cards like Nullpriest of Oblivion, Port of Karfell and Silverquill Command to put creatures from your graveyard onto the battlefield. 

Thassa, Deep-Dwelling can be used to repeat a whole myriad of enter the battlefield abilities, including that of Gyruda to put more and more creatures onto the battlefield. Add in some counter magic and you can fight against key cards from the opponent. Burning-Rune Demon looks particularly cool as it can put some of the one-ofs in the graveyard to reanimate later.

Some deck will be unable to fight through Dream Trawler, sometimes you can mill most of your library with Thassa’s Oracle and occasionally Drannith Magistrate will cut off your opponents from casting multiple cards, especially in combination with Elite Spellbinder.

This looks like a fun and unique deck at a time where things have started to grow a little bit stale. Give it a shot!


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