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Today’s budget deck, Standard Dragon’s Approach, requires only 16 common, four rare and three mythic rare wildcards, assuming you unlocked one Temple of Triumph through the starter deck. This is a Dragon’s Approach combo deck that tries to put Velomachus Lorehold in play by turn four. A deck can have any number of Dragon’s Approach, so you automatically gain access to infinite copies as soon as you own four.


Cathartic ReunionThrilling DiscoveryMerchant of the Vale // Haggle


This deck isn’t planning on casting five copies of Dragon’s Approach though. Instead, you can make use of various discard effects to put multiple copies of Approach in your graveyard. Cathartic Reunion and Thrilling Discovery do the heavy lifting and you usually want one of these in your opening hand. Merchant of the Vale rounds out the discard effects with the Haggle Adventure. Once you have four copies of Approach in your graveyard, you can search up Velomachus after casting the fifth copy.


Dragon's ApproachVelomachus LoreholdStorm's Wrath


Velomachus Lorehold will usually find additional copies of Dragon’s Approach with its ability, which represents a total of 11 damage on turn four. Even if the opponent can deal with Velomachus, you only need to cast three more copies of Approach to end the game. If you need to clear the board, you can rely on Storm’s Wrath, which conveniently doesn’t destroy your own Elder Dragon. Instant speed interaction for Velomachus can be problematic, although if you’re not getting pressured, the deck can function as a burn deck until a window of opportunity opens up. 


Header - The Sideboard

This deck does rely on its surprise factor to win games, so it will perform worse after sideboarding. Once the opponent is more familiar with what you’re trying to do, there are a lot of ways to stop it between graveyard hate and instant speed interaction.


Draconic InterventionShatter the Sky


That being said, you can make some small adjustments. Draconic Intervention works nicely as an exile based sweeper, which can come in handy when facing the Golgari Pests deck that uses Bastion of Remembrance. If opposing creatures are too large for your red sweepers, you could use Shatter the Sky as an alternative, although it doesn’t work as well if you find it with Velomachus


Header - Upgrades

Temple of TriumphFurycalm SnarlNeedleverge Pathway // Pillarverge Pathway


The main way to upgrade the deck is in the mana base. By having more dual lands you can decrease the total number of lands required to make room for a few extra copies of Dragon’s Approach. This will further increase the overall consistency of the deck. The scry effect on Temple of Triumph is actually quite valuable for a combo deck like this, so it’s preferred over added copies of Furycalm Snarl. Here’s a sample deck list with an upgraded mana base:


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