Standard Dimir Poppet Stitcher – Deck Highlight

Standard Dimir Poppet Stitcher by OnewayGarden


Poppet Stitcher is unquestionably one of the sweetest cards in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, especially since it’s got that big Monastery Mentor energy. One of the coolest combos with the Stitcher is Alrund’s Epiphany, which I first saw used by CalebD. That combo then landed in striking distance of the first MTGO Standard Challenge, and the rest is history (by that, I mean I like the deck).




Header - The Game Plan

Control the board with counters and removal, then try and land Poppet Stitcher. Cast Alrund’s Epiphany, flip the Stitcher on upkeep and attack with an army of tokens.

As has been well documented, I love control decks that can turn into aggro/combo decks out of nowhere, and this certainly qualifies. You can just be sitting there countering spells, killing their stuff and drawing cards, then all of a sudden you play Stitcher into double Epiphany and they just die. That’s a great way to close out games, and makes it so your opponents never feel totally safe.


Header - Key Cards

Let’s start at the top. Stitcher is a great card in this deck even without Epiphany, as you have a ton of cheap spells that trigger it. Fading Hope is one that’s perfect for turn four, as you can play Stitcher and bounce it if they try and kill it, getting a Zombie and a scry out of the deal. Epiphany isn’t quite as dangerous here as in a more permanent-heavy deck, but it’s still crazy with Poppet Stitcher and a great card regardless.


This is another card I’ve enjoyed playing. If you ever flash one back, you probably win, and even the four mana side is good. Milling one of these with Consider also feels so good it should be illegal.


Ever since I saw Andrea Mengucci’s creatureless Dimir deck in action my estimation of The Meathook Massacre has gone up. It’s not only a sweeper, but a source of recurring life gain, making it a beast against any aggro deck.


Saw It ComingDisdainful StrokeNegate

Counters are necessary for decks like this, as you need spells that can cover your bases. This is on the high end of counters to be playing, given how popular aggro is, but I believe in Saw It Coming.


Likewise, you need enough removal to credibly remove all threats each game. This is a good mix, and certainly gives you the flexibility you are looking for.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • Try and foretell Epiphany so you can Stitcher and Epiphany on nine mana, especially against decks with a ton of removal for Stitcher.
  • The Meathook Massacre can get the last couple points through by pinging them when your tokens die, so keep that extra bit of reach in mind.
  • If you have Memory Deluge coming, you should aggressively use removal to keep your life total up. All you need to do is trade cards and Deluge will make sure you come out on top.


Header - Popping Off

I like this take on Dimir control, as the Stitcher and Epiphany combo adds a whole new angle to the deck. Whether this or the creatureless version is better is yet to be determined, but either way, both are a ton of fun.



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