Standard Delver… But Azorius? – Deck Highlight


Standard Azorius Delver by Clemens Gerteiser



In my never-ending pursuit for a playable Standard Delver deck, I got this list from Clemens Gerteiser and it’s been actually playing out very nicely. I recorded a video with it, so if you want to check out the game play, keep an eye on the ChannelFireball Youtube channel.


I’m not going to tell you that this deck is tier 1. It’s not. Until Delver of Secrets gets some serious help in the form of some Brainstorm-like card, you just won’t be able to flip it consistently. Azorius could also use some busted creature like Geist of Saint Traft, but that would probably be asking for too much. 

This deck is actually close to 50 percent at flipping Delver, which is very good. The price you pay for it is running cards that would sometimes not even make your draft deck, but somehow all of this works relatively well as a cohesive deck. Getting to play eight double-faced lands is a huge upgrade over the snow mana base I was highlighting a couple of days ago. 


Usher of the FallenClever Lumimancer

I made a few small changes to the original list and cut two Glacial Floodplains because you need to curve out quickly and running six turn-one tapped lands is just too much. I also cut Symmetry Sage for Usher of the Fallen because this deck really wants to attack for two early and Sage unfortunately sometimes just sits in play and does nothing. Clever Lumimancer makes sense to me because you get to trigger it multiple times a turn thanks to Homestead Courage and Guiding Voice, but Sage only really gets +2 a turn and that’s just not good enough, in my opinion. 


Speaking of Homestead Courage, it has been the best card in the deck when I played with it. Making your early drops big enough to attack through your opponent’s blockers while triggering Lumimancer and Leonin Lightscribe multiple times for just one mana is exactly what this deck wants. 


Teachings of the ArchaicsAcademic ProbationConcerted DefenseChilling Trap

The sideboard is a collection of situational Lessons, though I did find Teachings of the Archaics and Academic Probation to be actively good. Concerted Defense has also been an amazing card to board in against the slow Izzet decks. Chilling Trap is something I can definitely see cutting for something else, ideally something like a Pacifism to board in against the creature decks, although it won’t be able to flip your Delver.

If you’re looking for a fun and relatively strong Delver deck to play, I can recommend giving this a try!


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