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Standard Budget White Weenie by LegenVD


Clarion SpiritCodespell ClericHeraldic Banner


Today’s Standard budget deck requires nine common, 20 uncommon and seven rare wildcards, assuming you have a couple cards from the Starter Decks unlocked. This is an aggressive creature deck, built to leverage double spell synergies like Clarion Spirit and Codespell Cleric combined with anthem effects. The deck wants to flood the board with small creatures, preferably with an evasive ability, and then further enhance them to output more damage. Heraldic Banner might be the most important card in the deck, as it’s both great at enabling multiple spells in the same turn and also represents a lot of extra damage.


Usher of the FallenFaerie GuidemotherBattlefield RaptorKitesail Cleric


Usher of the Fallen might lack evasion, but it can generate an army by itself. Faerie Guidemother can also grant it flying for a turn so you can boast without issue. Alongside Battlefield Raptor and Kitesail Cleric, it gives the deck a total of 12 one-mana flyers. Combined with the Spirits from Clarion Spirit, the deck doesn’t really need to attack on the ground, where it’ll quickly get outclassed, to close out the game. The kicker ability on Kitesail Cleric shouldn’t be overlooked because that’s another avenue to sneak in a lethal attack.


Giant KillerLuminarch AspirantGlorious Anthem


Our rare wildcards are spent on an additional copy of Giant Killer (you get one for free in the Green/White starter deck), a full playset of Luminarch Aspirant and two copies of Glorious Anthem. Giant Killer gives us a little bit of interaction, Luminarch Aspirant is arguably one of the best white creatures in Standard and finally Glorious Anthem complements Heraldic Banner as an extra anthem effect. Seasoned Hallowblade makes the deck a little more resilient against removal and sweepers and can make use of any extra lands we don’t need.


Giant KillerReidane, God of the WorthyBasri KetLegion Angel


If you’re interested in playing this deck in Best-of-Three, you’ll want additional copies of Giant Killer to bring in against adventure decks. Reidane, God of the Worthy can help against decks trying to resolve expensive noncreature spells as well as opposing snow decks. Basri Ket could also fit into the main deck, but shines especially against control decks that don’t interact much with planeswalkers. If you’re running a copy of Legion Angel, as discussed in the Upgrades section below, you’ll also need to make room for additional copies in the sideboard.


Header - Upgrades

Castle ArdenvaleLegion Angel


One of the most important cards you should add to the deck is a full set of Castle Ardenvale. This will give the deck a much needed late game mana sink and pairs nicely with Heraldic Banner. One or two copies of Legion Angel can also be added to the deck, with the corresponding number in the sideboard. 

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