Standard Boros Winota Update – Deck Highlight


Standard Boros Winota by Martin Juza


I’ve been playing Standard Boros Winota some more and I made a couple of changes.


Luminarch AspirantProfessor of Symbology


I tried Luminarch Aspirant again, but still didn’t like it in this field, as it’s only really good on turn two and it doesn’t trigger Winota, Joiner of Forces since it’s a Human. 

A different two-drop caught my eye though – Professor of Symbology. It’s not a card I would normally play in something like Naya Adventures, even though it’s a two-for-one, but it’s exactly what this Winota deck is looking for. The Professor provides two non-Human attackers for the price of one card. For this deck, it’s almost like a Lovestruck Beast.

I also moved the fourth Skyclave Apparition to the main deck to make a little bit more room in the sideboard for the Lessons you can pick up with the Professor.


Inkling SummoningSpirit SummoningEnvironmental Sciences


The 2/1 flying and 3/2 creature tokens off Inkling Summoning and Spirit Summoning are self explanatory and Environmental Sciences helps you find missing lands. Overall, the Professor lets you keep a lot more hands and lets you mulligan more aggressively, so I like the change. 


Usher of the FallenElite Spellbinder


The last numbers I’m not sure about are the two Usher of the Fallen and three Elite Spellbinder.

Spellbinder is great against Sultai Ultimatum and it’s a Winota hit, but sometimes you would prefer to have a non-Human instead, so something like Seasoned Hallowblade could possibly be better.

For the rest of this deck guide, check out my previous article.


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