Standard Boros Transmogrify – Deck Highlight


Standard Boros Transmogrify by BOZOKABOY


This fifth place take on Boros Transmogrify piloted by BOZOKABOY from a recent Standard challenge caught my eye.


Forbidden FriendshipOmen of the SunTransmogrifyHarmonious Archon

The idea of the deck is to use tokens produced by cards like Forbidden Friendship, Omen of the Sun and The Birth of Meletis and use Transmogrify or Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast to turn them into Harmonious Archon.

If you happen to draw the wrong part of the deck, you have Fire Prophecy to put it back. The rest of the deck is more token producers and a little bit of creature removal in the form of Glass Casket.

Given the lack of one-mana plays, I would like to see an extra Triome that you can cycle in the late game if you’re flooding out and possibly even more Emeria’s Call, which is a card that can sometimes just win you the game on it’s own without even having to use cards like Lukka or Transmogrify.

Outside of that, it’s refreshing to see some new decks do well in Standard and I actually recommend checking out the entire Top 8 here, as there are multiple Mono-Green Food decks, Mono-Red with Magmatic Channelers that came in second and even a Dimir Control deck.



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