Standard Boros Aggro – Deck Highlight


Standard Boros Aggro by Huey Jensen



Boros Aggro is a deck that I’ve only played against once or twice on the ladder, but I’ve noticed it consistently has around a 57 percent win rate according to Untapped.gg and figured it was worth checking out.


The deck has a couple of things going for it. It has cheap removal against Mono-Green for starters. Brutal Cathar is a great card there, and some of the removal, notably Sacred Fire, also gains some incidental life. The deck can also get fast draws with cheap creatures, has a good curve and applies pressure against a deck like Izzet Epiphany. Elite Spellbinder is also a good tool in that matchup.


I suspect that this deck is still not as strong as either of the big two, but that being said, Showdown of the Skalds is a fun and powerful card and Moonveil Regent was really impressive to me when I was playing it at the beginning of the format. It can take over games and in a two-color deck, can really dig, especially with Sacred Fire able to be cast from the graveyard to draw two cards.

This looks like a decent and fun option for Boros fan. If you’re looking for a change of pace or something maybe a little bit different to play on the ladder, give it a shot!


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