Standard Bant Ramp – Deck Highlight


Standard Bant Ramp by Batutinha




If you want to try over the top of the other Wrenn and Seven decks, Batutinha’s Standard Bant Ramp list from the last Magic Online Standard Challenge looks interesting. At its core, it’s a normal green deck with ramp and Esika’s Chariot and Wrenn and Seven, but after that, you have a lot more heavy hitters instead of the aggressive creatures like Werewolf Pack Leader or Old-Growth Troll.


Felidar RetreatKoma, Cosmos SerpentAlrund's Epiphany

Felidar Retreat and Koma, Cosmos Serpent give this deck extra power to win the green mirrors and you even get to run a couple of copies of Alrund’s Epiphany.

With Tangled Florahedron and Rootcoil Creeper, you have enough ramp to play everything ahead of curve and I could even see this deck running some Storm the Festival instead of something like Memory Deluge, which doesn’t really fit the deck at first sight because your goal is to play to the board instead of trying to get card advantage. 


Fateful Absence let’s you kill Wrenn or a big Treefolk and then Wrenn with your attack, but it is also a solid card against everything else. 

I’m not sure if there are enough white sources to consistently cast Skyclave Apparition on turn three out of the sideboard, but I do like access to Doomskar against creature decks and Disdainful Stroke against other midrange strategies. 



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