Standard Azorius Control – Deck Highlight


Standard Azorius Control by Aaron Gertler


Aaron Gertler has a new, interesting take on Standard Azorius Control, which could be well positioned if you expect a lot of creature decks. He took this list to Top 100 in the mythic ranks, which is always a very impressive feat for a new list.


The Birth of MeletisDoomskar

While this deck looks to be well positioned against creatures, thanks to cards like The Birth of Meletis and Doomskar, I don’t think it’s going to be great against Sultai Ultimatum, which doesn’t care about your creature removal. This is consistent with the current Standard rock-paper-scissors metagame though, so it’s not something that should discourage you from trying a new deck. 

Right now, it seems that Sultai beats all the Adventure midrange decks, which beats Mono-Red, which beats Rogues, which beats Sultai. However, there still seems to be room for innovation – we just saw some of the absolute best players in the world in the MPL bring Huey’s Izzet Dragons to the League play this weekend and do well with it.

Could Azorius Control be a similar dark horse? Cards like Archon of Sun’s Grace certainly seem well positioned, though I would be concerned with the Sultai matchup. Maybe you can fix that with some extra Negates in the sideboard. I’ll certainly try to find out!



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