Standard 2022 Power Rankings – 8/23/21

While we wait for rotation, I’ve personally found Standard 2022 to be a godsend. It’s a really fun format, where many of the strongest cards are different from “normal” Standard, and also figures to give us a look into what to expect once Throne of Eldraine rotates out. Here’s this weeks Standard 2022 Power Rankings.



1. Mono-White Aggro


Mono-White is still king this week. The deck is the best pure aggro deck, emptying its hand fast and forcing the opponent to answer. It has powerful cards at every spot on the curve, and Faceless Haven which provides virtually any deck with solid late game punch. Mono-White had a 69.4 percent win rate this week from Platinum to Mythic on Untapped.gg.

2. Bant Party


This is my favorite deck personally in Standard 2022. What started as a meme has become a dream, or whatever the old adage is. This deck is really fun and powerful, as assembling a party just isn’t that difficult and both Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate and Concerted Defense do a great job at keeping it that way. The party bonuses are huge, and the benefit from cards like Spoils of Adventure can’t be beat. Overall, the deck has a 65 percent win rate this week on Untapped.gg

3. Orzhov Control


This is the best control deck, or deck with sweepers in the format. The deck was originally created by CovertGoBlue, and has been refined a bit over time. It has a great combination of cheap cards in addition to sweepers, planeswalkers and good removal, making it very difficult to attack on a single axis. The deck has a 61.5 percent win rate this week from Platinum to Mythic on Untapped.gg.


4. Mono-Green Stompy


The second best aggro deck, this was one of the first top decks in the format and has stood the test of time. Green plays big creatures ahead of curve as well as the great Esika’s Chariot and has what could be considered the best removal in the format in Blizzard Brawl. Ranger Class and Faceless Haven are also both absurd cards, providing early pressure in the case of Ranger Class and good late game in both cases. Mono-Green has a 61.8 percent win rate this week from Platinum to Mythic according to Untapped.gg.


5. Rakdos Midrange


I’ve found this deck to be an overperformer compared to its stats, but maybe I’ve run well. Rakdos Midrange has a lot in common with Orzhov with early creatures, sweepers and good late game. The early plays are also very strong, and the deck has access to some late game power with learn in addition to just planeswalkers and Dragons. Rakdos had a 59.1 percent win rate this week from Platinum to Mythic on Untapped.gg.

6. Simic Ramp


Simic Ramp continues to do well on the ladder and in the stats despite my low opinion of it. I’ve tried this deck without much success and played against it with plenty of success. My biggest problem with this deck remains that the payoffs just aren’t quite strong enough to justify an entire deck full of ramp cards to support it. All of my negativity aside, the deck had a 66.7 percent win rate this week from Platinum to Mythic.


7. Izzet Dragons


Izzet Dragons has continued to decline in popularity, though it’s still a pretty strong deck. Goldspan Dragon and Alrund’s Epiphany are two of the better cards in the format, and this deck utilizes both very well. Izzet Dragons had a 59 percent win rate this week from Platinum to Mythic according to Untapped.gg.


8. Orzhov Angels


This deck is very polarizing, tending to have good matchups against creatures and very bad matchups against sweepers. Firja’s Retribution is an incredibly Magic card when your creatures tend to stick around. Orzhov Angels had a 60.6 percent win rate this week according to Untapped.gg.


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