What’s New in 2022? – Standard 2022 Power Rankings – 7/26/21

Standard 2022 has been a fun, fresh and new format that I’ve been devoting a lot of time to. The format is still Best-of-One-only on Arena, but it’s still been a nice change of pace to play with new and developing decks and strategies. With that said, here are my Standard 2022 Power Rankings for the week.

If you’re interested in some information on traditional Standard as well, I suggest taking a look at Untapped.gg for decks, tier lists and more.



1. Izzet Dragons


Izzet Dragons is still my pick for the top deck in the format. Alrund’s Epiphany and Goldspan Dragon are two great cards that are even greater together, and can often steal games, seemingly from impossible positions, and also importantly catch up in games where the deck is very far behind.


2. Orzhov Control

Mascot ExhibitionKaya the InexorableBlood on the Snow

I recently wrote a Deck Guide about this for CFB Pro, which you can check out at the link above. The deck was designed by CovertGoBlue, and frankly I think the deck is just great. It’s hard to overcome all the advantages and incremental gains, and the late game Mascot Exhibitions coming turn after turn can create situations where it’s too hard for opponents to overcome.


3. Mono-Green


This is the best aggro deck in the format with big creatures, often bigger than their spot on the curve would dictate. Ranger Class is one of the stars of the format, and Mono-Green is the best Ranger Class deck. The high toughness creatures can sometimes be a problem for the red removal in the Izzet deck, and the card advantage from the third level of Ranger Class is a great way to provide long game longevity.


4. White Weenie


White Weenie is another good aggro deck and is a lot better in matchups where Portable Hole plays as a good card. In this format, white is a truly go-wide aggro color, with cards like Clarion Spirit, Usher of the Fallen and lots of one-drop creatures capable of running the opponent over. In addition to Portable Hole, Skyclave Apparition is great cheap removal from a deck where the opponent’s removal is likely overloaded.


5. Selesnya Magecraft


This is one of the more fun decks in the format, and also very strong. The deck plays a bit like an old infect strategy, playing important creatures and using cheap interaction like Snakeskin Veil and Wild Shape to protect while Mavinda provides long game card advantage. 


6. Dimir Control


In addition to Izzet, this is the “other” control deck of the format. Like Izzet, Dimir has access to great card advantage, and unlike Izzet, many powerful sweepers. Most decks are creature-heavy decks, and the sweepers really shine there. Dimir has access to powerful planeswalkers and other top-end finishers as well, giving it all the tools for a successful control deck.


7. Orzhov Angels

Firja's RetributionStarnheim UnleashedRighteous Valkyrie


Orzhov Angels is still a great deck, and exceptional against the creature decks. The reason that it dropped a bit in the Rankings is that it does tend to struggle against decks with sweepers. It’s mostly a sorcery speed deck with little to do but get swept and try to rebuild, which from a deck without a ton of card advantage, can be tough. It might be a decent time to try some discard in the deck. Something like Humiliate, off the top of my head, could work well.


8. Mono-Red

FlameskullFrost BiteBattle Cry Goblin


This is another aggro deck, but I think the weaker of the two. In general, the best version of Mono-Red is a Battle Cry Goblin deck. The deck does have the capability of getting very good draws, but is not very resilient, doesn’t have the best removal beyond Frost Bite and doesn’t have great reach. Overall, Goblins are cool and fun to play if they’re your tribe of choice, but I think white and green are more competitive.


9. Blue-Green Ramp

Koma, Cosmos SerpentAlrund's EpiphanyQuandrix Cultivator


This deck hasn’t impressed me that much, though I haven’t played it yet myself. The issue is that many decks seem to have answers to Koma, Cosmos Serpent, and the ones that don’t tend to be aggressive decks where they are sometimes fast enough. A fast Koma can definitely win games though, and this deck is another deck that makes good use of Alrund’s Epiphany.



Standard 2022 is in a good place, with a lot of interesting decks and plenty of room to innovate. If you haven’t played the format yet, I recommend giving it a try.



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