Standard 2022 Power Rankings – 7/19/21

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms doesn’t seem to have had too much of an impact on “normal” Standard, so I’ve been focused on playing a lot of Standard 2022 since release. Standard 2022 has been a lot of fun. Almost every archetype feels different than the ones we’ve been playing in Standard for a while and it’s a refreshing change of pace. Here’s my first crack at Standard 2022 Power Rankings.



1. Mono-Green


Mono Green is, at least what I believe to be, the most popular deck on the ladder. It has a lot of what you want in an aggressive deck – strong threats ahead of curve, good removal and powerful cards. Ranger Class provides decent card advantage as well as board advantage.


2. Izzet Dragons

Goldspan DragonAlrund's EpiphanyExpressive Iteration


Izzet has been another top deck since the release of Forgotten Realms and the invention of the Standard 2022 format. Goldspan Dragon is the best card in the format, and the combination of Goldspan Dragon and Alrund’s Epiphany plus card advantage from Behold the Multiverse and Expressive Iteration can be hard to overcome.


3. Orzhov Angels

Firja's RetributionStarnheim UnleashedRampage of the Valkyries


Orzhov Angels is a great deck when we play on perfect curve. Firja’s Retribution wins games by itself, and Starnheim Unleashed for two or more is often enough to win against most decks. Also, Orzhov has good removal, making it one of the top decks in the format.


4. Dimir Control


Dimir Control has a great game plan. Sweepers are really good in the format right now and Dimir Control is the best sweeper deck. Even with board wipes, the deck can sometimes get overrun, and the deck can also run into some trouble against a well timed attack from a big creature land. Overall, the deck has powerful cards, removal and card advantage, which is a recipe for success.


5. Selesnya Magecraft

Dragonsguard EliteMavinda, Students' AdvocateCharge Through


This deck has been a recent discovery, at least for me, but I’ve been very happy with it. It does have the sweeper problem, but the deck has a lot to offer. Some of the best draws of this deck kill very quickly, and I’m usually happy to play it in creature mirrors.


6. White Weenie

Clarion SpiritMonk of the Open HandCodespell Cleric


White Weenie is the lowest to the ground aggro deck in the format. This is a decent place to be as it really punishes anyone who ever stumbles just a little. The deck uses cards like Clarion Spirit, Paladin Class, Monk of the Open Hand and Codespell Cleric. It has decent removal as well with Skyclave Apparition and can win games very quickly.


7. Rakdos Treasure

Forsworn PaladinKalain, Reclusive PainterGoldspan Dragon


This is another deck that has a lot of cheap interactive cards. and often includes both Treasure and learn cards. Furthermore, it gets the bonus of having Goldspan Dragon and access to both red and black removal. This deck hasn’t been the most impressive deck in the format to me, but it’s strong and seems to be a deck that has some room to grow.


8. Mono-Red

Hobgoblin Bandit LordBattle Cry GoblinHulking Bugbear


I’ve found this to be a weaker version of the other monocolored aggro decks. Hobgoblin Bandit Lord is strong and the deck can get some explosive draws, but without a card like Embercleave as a top-end, I’ve found Mono-White and Mono-Green to both be stronger decks.


9. Boros Equipment

Icingdeath, Frost TyrantMaul of the SkyclavesFireblade Charger


This deck is only okay. I personally don’t like it due to a weak card quality and having to draw a perfect mix of land/creatures/Equipment and also Fighter Class. I haven’t played the deck myself yet, to be honest, but haven’t been too impressed playing against it.



Overall, I’ve been really enjoying playing Standard 2022. I think the format has a lot of room to develop, and I hope it continues to be supported, hopefully with a Bo3 queue as well.


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