Standard 2022 Orzhov Clerics – Deck Highlight


Standard 2022 Orzhov Clerics by Huey Jensen



Orah, Skyclave HierophantPyre of Heroes

Today’s deck is a Standard 2022 Orzhov Clerics list. It uses a lot of synergistic Clerics, focused on life gain and the ability to return creatures from the graveyard to play with Orah, Skyclave Hierophant. Pyre of Heroes if particularly strong in combination with Orah, as the Pyre will make sure you have creatures in your graveyard of various costs and make sure you’re able to actually find Orah. 



Despite the fact that the deck has a lot of creatures, due to the ability on Orah, you can still play Doomskar, one of the better sweepers in Standard 2022. Incidental life gain is also very strong in Standard 2022, due to the high number of aggressive decks. I’ve played against this deck a few times, and it can be very hard and quite annoying. Orah is a huge problem card, having lifelink itself and threatening so much value.

This deck isn’t one of the most popular decks in the format, but it’s important to know about if you’re interested in a comprehensive understanding of the Standard 2022 format. According to Untapped.gg, it has a 50.9% win rate from Bronze to Mythic in the past week. 


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