Standard 2022 Orzhov Angels – Deck Highlight


Standard 2022 Orzhov Angels by Philip M



Today’s deck is a Standard 2022 Orzhov Angels list from the Hooglandia Open. This particular list was played by Philip M, who piloted the list to third place. The first and second place finishers were both playing Mono-Green Aggro, so there’s clearly a deck to beat.


Firja's RetributionRampage of the Valkyries

The deck is based all around Angel synergies. The goal is to play Angels of all costs and sizes that benefit each other and get empowered by Firja’s Retribution and Rampage of the Valkyries.


Skyclave ApparitionVanishing VerseInscription of Ruin

One thing that I’ve particularly liked about this list is that it has access to decent removal. Firja’s Retribution works as removal sometimes, so does Rampage of the Valkyries. In addition to that, the deck has Skyclave Apparition, Vanishing Verse and Inscription of Ruin for targeted removal.

I’ve found the deck strong and enjoyable and plan to continue to play with it. Congrats to Philip M on the result!



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