Standard 2022 Mono-White Aggro – Deck Highlight


Standard 2022 Mono-White Aggro by Autumn Burchett



Adventures in the Forgotten Realms has just hit MTG Arena, and everyone is dying to see what cards are going to make an impact on Standard. Today’s deck highlight is a Standard 2022 Mono-White Aggro deck that I encountered via following Autumn Burchett on Twitter and Twitch.

This deck is designed for the Standard 2022 queue currently available on MTG Arena, but I believe that this deck, or something quite similar, will also be a major player in current Standard.

There’s always a lot to like about monocolor aggro. It tends to be fast and punishing, with a reliable mana base where every land enters the battlefield untapped. But in Standard, there’s even more to like because they decks get to tap into not one but two exceptionally powerful creature lands. 


Having access to seven creaturelands means you’ll have one or two almost any time you want them. This means you’ll never be out of gas, and it will greatly reduce the negative impacts of mana flood. Creaturelands are excellent for dodging sorcery-speed removal spells, including board sweepers. 


When it comes to spells, the primary addition from Forgotten Realms is Loyal Warhound. This creature is reminiscent of Knight of the White Orchid, which is high in the running for one of the strongest white weenies of all time. These cards are rare examples of cards that perform better when you’re on the draw. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you should choose to draw, it does mean that you can hijack one of the most important advantages that your opponent would’ve otherwise had over you. 


Professor of Symbology

I love the inclusion of Professor of Symbology. It’s particularly strong in Best-of-One play, but I think it’s worthwhile in Best-of-Three as well. Professor is a two-drop creature that provides value and guarantees that you can always curve two into three with Inkling Summoning. Accessing Reduce to Memory also gives you an out to problematic permanents without having to include clunky, situational cards in your main deck. 


Sparring Regimen

Perhaps Autumn’s most unusual inclusion is Sparring Regimen. While not exactly Glorious Anthem, this card increases the potency of all of your threats, provides a snowballing advantage and makes combat difficult on the opponent. And once you’ve already filled your sideboard with Lessons for your Professors, Sparing Regimen becomes a logical and appealing fit. 

This is a great starting place for White Weenie for both current Standard and 2022 (or post-rotation) Standard. I’m expecting many different takes on this archetype to make big waves over the next month or two.



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