Standard 2022 Mono-Green Stompy – Deck Highlight

Crokeyz was raving about this deck Standard 2022 Mono-Green Stompy deck on stream and Twitter yesterday. For those who don’t know, there’s a format called Magic Standard 2022 on Arena. It’s basically Standard with rotation having already happened. I’m looking forward to trying the format a bit though I haven’t played it any yet.


4 Lair of the Hydra
16 Snow-Covered Forest
4 Faceless Haven
4 Esika's Chariot
4 Old-Growth Troll
4 Kazandu Mammoth
4 Ranger Class
4 Tangled Florahedron
4 Werewolf Pack Leader
4 Swarm Shambler
4 Jaspera Sentinel
4 Blizzard Brawl



I was stream-hopping yesterday and Crokeyz was doing well with this deck and singing its praises. Crokeyz isn’t one for bluster, so you can probably take his word for it. In all seriousness though, the deck is probably good, and it’s probably particularly good right know. Aggressive decks, decks that really put pressure on the opponent, tend to be at their best at the beginning of new formats. Not that they aren’t also good later.


Ranger Class and Werewolk Pack leader are the new additions to the deck, but keep in mind that in 2022, there will probably be a lot of new decks and not the same old cast of characters.

If you’re interested in trying the format, and trying a relatively low cost at least in terms of number of mythics, deck, this Standard 2022 Mono-Green deck is a good place to start.



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