Standard 2022 Mono-Green Stompy – Deck Highlight


Standard 2022 Mono-Green Stompy by Daninja



Today’s deck highlight is going to be a very simple one. I usually like to find some off-meta decks, something that looks really cool or uses unusual cards, but today I just want to highlight the winning deck from a huge 166 person Standard 2022 organized by The Gaming Stadium, Mono-Green Stompy

This tournament even had its own coverage, which you can check on their Twitch channel here. If you’re just getting into Standard 2022, this is a great opportunity to see the top decks in action and learn a little bit about the matchups and play patterns. 

Daninja brought a simple but powerful Mono-Green Stompy deck that has been at the top of the Standard 2022 Power Rankings for quite some time now.


Werewolf Pack LeaderOld-Growth TrollEsika's Chariot

This is very aggressive and thanks to Werewolf Pack Leader, Old-Growth Troll and Esika’s Chariot, which has to be one of the best possible curves in the format. A lot of the cards in this deck would have probably cost one more mana a few years ago, but these days most cards are this aggressively costed because of power creep. 


Ranger Class

What I like about this deck is the eight creaturelands and four Ranger Class. Most aggressive decks don’t really have a whole lot to do when they draw too many lands, but not this one. You can either keep smashing your opponent with your creature lands or outgrind them with the third level of Ranger Class. 

If you’re thinking about which deck to craft for this format, Mono-Green is a very safe choice that should also stay at the top of the metagame moving forward.



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