Standard 2022 Grixis Dragons – Deck Highlight


Standard 2022 Grixis Dragons by Huey Jensen




Today’s Highlight is on a Standard 2022 Grixis Dragons deck that I found while perusing Untapped.gg. This particular version had a 57 percent win rate from Bronze to Mythic, though it was the top performing Grixis Dragons deck so some of the others are a bit lower.


Soul ShatterShadows' VerdictHunt for Specimens

This deck is a control deck, similar to the other Dragon decks (Izzet and Jeskai), but it has some other aspects going for it. Soul Shatter is a pretty strong card, and one of the most effective ways at interacting with opposing Goldspan Dragons and planeswalkers. Sweepers, particularly Shadows’ Verdict, are among the best cards in Standard 2022, so it definitely helps to have access to a couple. I also like the idea of using Hunt for Specimens as a cheap play which can fuel land drops with Environmental Sciences or removal or late game with Necrotic Fumes or Mascot Exhibition.


Ebondeath, DracolichMordenkainenIymrith, Desert DoomMagma Opus

The deck naturally has the strong Dragon top-end with Goldspan Dragon and Alrund’s Epiphany. It also has access to Ebondeath, Dracolich, Mordenkainen, Iymrith, Desert Doom and Magma Opus, giving it lots of ways to attack. The deck looks pretty fun and I’ve been trying various Dragon decks so I will probably give this one a try pretty soon.



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