Standard 2022 Dimir Control – Deck Highlight


Standard 2022 Dimir Control by Tian Fa Mun


Today’s deck is a Standard 2022 Dimir Control deck, played by Tian Fa Mun in the Insight Esports Monday 2022 event to a first place finish.


Divide by ZeroMascot ExhibitionEnvironmental Sciences

This is a control deck that aims to control the board with sweepers and removal. It also has some learn cards to gain tempo and card advantage by finding cards from the sideboard. The event was actually a Best-of-Three event, so I changed the sideboard a little to reflect the Best-of-One Arena queues.


Crippling FearBlood on the SnowShadows' Verdict

Sweepers are really strong in 2022. This deck has Crippling Fear, Blood on the Snow and Shadows’ Verdict; varying power level sweepers able to be cast at all spots on the curve.


Professor OnyxMordenkainenHall of Storm Giants

The top-end has Professor Onyx as well as Mordenkainen and Hall of Storm Giants. With a package of learn cards, this deck is also capable of taking control and winning with a Mascot Exhibition from the sideboard.

This is a strong deck with all the tools a control deck needs to win. If you’re looking for a deck to try in 2022, and control is your style, consider giving it a try.


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