Spoiler Spotlight – Narset, Enlightened Master

Hey folks! Sets come and go, but some Commanders last forever, and I think this one is poised to be a real player for years to come. Let’s take a look at my newest friend in the Jeskai way:

Well, okay. Jeleva seemed cool, but this one ought to do a little more work for us. Sure, his effect only lasts until the end of the turn, and he only lets you cast spells from your own deck, but any noncreature spell you hit can be cast, and you can cast more than one per turn. This all sounds like a pretty good deal so far.

Of course, there are spells that won’t work so well in our deck. Counterspells are better with Narset than Jeleva, since they’ll hang around until the end of the turn, but X-spells are still pretty useless. So what sort of spells do we want to be casting? Well, let’s start with some example spells and go from there!

Red: Smashing, bashing, and copying stuff.

This little number from Khans of Tarkir is a sweet new Fork variant. Interesting templating aside, this works well with Narset because you don’t have to know what you want to cast yet. (Regular things like Reverberate and Fork work just fine too, but it’s a cool card nonetheless.) If you flip it with Narset, you’ll be getting the additional raid effect by default! So now that we know we want to copy some spells, what should we be copying?

Well, one of the best things to do with Narset is to cast spells that create additional attack steps. That way, you can keep bashing with Narset and keep going off. Of course, we’ll need to keep Narset alive—and unblockable, preferably—but that ought to be doable with some artifacts and blue spells.

With all of these additional attack steps, we’ll want any other creatures that happen to enter the battlefield to have haste. That way, they can attack alongside Narset during the great smashening. So where are we going to get these other creatures?

Boom! With Narset, we’ll be able to sequence our spells such that storm count is easy to build up. Hopefully we can get an average of four goblins off of this, which is decent value, but if we can get multiple attack steps going, we can get even more.

Okay, those are some decent red cards. What can blue do for you?

Blue: Draw cards and steal things!

Sure, we could take extra turns too, but taking multiple extra attack steps is already enough with the making people frustrated. I don’t want to empty the fun equity account all by myself—that’s a great way to get people not to play with you anymore. (Not that this is the meanest form of the deck—we could be casting Enter the Infinite!) So what are we doing with our sweet blue cards? Well…

Free cards! Woo! Nothing’s better than a free pile of cards. Narset is already letting us do a ton of things for free, which is great, but sometimes we’ll want to actually play cards, so we’ll need some of them in our hand.

I’m excited to cast this for free and untap a bunch of lands that I didn’t use to cast it. Our opponents will hopefully have creatures we’re interested in, and stealing them is one of the most fantastic ways to move them out of Narset’s way.

Blue does what we’d expect, so how about white?

White: Remove things and make more tokens!

Obviously there will be some things Narset doesn’t want to attack into, so we’ll need to get rid of those things. It’s nice that Narset can make this spell a surprise mid-combat.

Of course, white cards can make more tokens for us to battle with. We’ll need quite a lot of creatures to overwhelm our opponents with our multiple attacks per turn!

Artifacts: Whatever we want!

Various artifacts in the list should plug the holes we have as well as providing utility for us. Between equipment cards for Narset, mana rocks, and utility cards like the Orrery, we should be able to survive without the thing I’ve omitted from this decklist so far: Creature cards. (Yikes!)

Okay! So what does the list look like? Well…

Commander: Narset, Enlightened Master

Okay! That’s our Narset! Hopefully it can win some games—it’s definitely an experiment. Join me next time for more spoiled Commander goodness!


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