So Many Combos! Vivien Combo in Modern


Modern Vivien Combo by selesneal



Streets of New Capenna has been filled with interesting additions to Modern. One of these is the somewhat unassuming Vivien on the Hunt. While six-mana planeswalkers almost never make the cut in Modern, Vivien on the Hunt has the potential to combo kill with Planebound Accomplice to present a two-card combo kill that costs a total of only four mana!

Planebound AccompliceVivien on the Hunt

The combo works as follows: 

  • Cast Planebound Accomplice, then use a red mana to put your Vivien into play.
  • Sacrifice the Accomplice to Vivien’s +2 ability and tutor a Felidar Guardian in to play, flickering your Vivien.
  • Now that your Vivien has been flickered, you can activate it again, this time sacrificing your Guardian to grab a Karmic Guide, returning Felidar Guardian, flickering Vivien again. 
  • Sacrifice your Guardian again, this time grabbing a Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker.
  • Use your Kiki to copy your Karmic Guide and return your Guardian yet again, this time flicking your Kiki to effectively untap it.
  • Once your Kiki is untapped, you can target your Felidar Guardian over and over again, resulting in infinite hasty Cats. 

While a bit convoluted, a two-card combo that costs only four mana that wins immediately is quite strong and worth exploring. This version by MTGO user selesneal backs up the combo with Karn, the Great Creator and an Urza’s Saga package, both of which can grab a copy of Luxior, Giada’s Gift. Luxior makes infinite mana with your Devoted Druid, which can present a win with another Karn activation for a Walking Ballista, and at the very least is a good way to cast your six-mana planeswalker.  


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