Sneak Attacking with Rogue Class – Preview Highlight

I saw Rogue Class and, of course, I wondered if the card would be strong enough in a Rogues deck. Standard Rogues is a deck that hasn’t been as popular recently, but it’s always looking for new tools. 



The upside of this card is reasonably high, but the question is if the card has enough of an effect to actually include it in the deck, even in small numbers. The first level has very little effect by itself. It does allow you to exile more cards, potentially milling your opponent faster. Unlike the rest of Rogue mill though, this exiles, and thus doesn’t allow your opponent to find extra escape creatures.


Merfolk WindrobberSoaring Thought-ThiefThieves' Guild Enforcer

The second level gives your creatures menace. However, Rogues has a fair bit of evasion already, due to Merfolk Windrobber and Soaring Thought-Thief having flying already. Giving menace may help Thieves’ Guild Enforcer get through a little bit more often, but overall, sinking three mana into this effect likely won’t be all that productive on its own.

The third level is the payoff. If you’ve hit four or five times with your creatures since playing Rogue Class, you’re drawing four or five cards off of the opponent’s deck, for all intents and purposes. One good thing about the third level is that since you’ve been able to see the cards you’ve been exiling since the first level, you never really have to bother spending mana past that point unless the big payoff is worth it.

Overall, I’m dubious of this card being a huge player in Standard Rogues. It doesn’t interact very well with Ruin Crab and it takes a lot of mana to really reach a payoff. In many cases, you might be better off with a copy of Of One Mind. Rogue Class doesn’t turn off Lurrus of the Dream-Den as a companion though, which is worth noting. Casting cards off of your opponent’s deck is also particularly fun. I’ll be sure to try out Rogue Class, but we’ll see if it ends up being worth it.



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