Slaying the Competition in the New Storybook Brawl Patch

Storybook Brawl is a sweet new autobattler, and I was so into it that I actually ended up joining the team that works on it! If you haven’t checked out the game yet, I wrote an intro piece here, and I’ll be making plenty of Brawl content moving forward (and stream it multiple times a week on Twitch if you want to check out some VODs). A new Storybook Brawl patch just dropped, and today I’m going to take a look at some of the effects of the patch and how to adapt to the new metagame it brings. Let’s start by going over the big changes.



Header - Card Changes


Sad Dracula

  • Old: Your front row characters have “Slay: +1 Attack.”
  • New: Your first character has “Slay: +3/+1 permanently.”


This is a big one. Sad Drac gets a new hero power, though it obviously is still Slay-based. This change was made to focus the Slay build-around on one character instead of spamming Slays without much investment into what was slaying, and does change how Drac plays significantly.

The first thing to keep in mind is that each fight is much more of a sweat. You have usually one-shot at slaying (barring a unique setup), so you want to make it count. You usually need some kind of attack boost to get the first slay off (or a little luck), after which you get rolling pretty well. Slot 1 is the perfect place to put a Shadow Assassin or other ranged character, as +3 attack with ranged is a great combo, and it goes wild with multiple dragons (both Lightning Dragon and Doombreath are fantastic with the new Sad Drac). 

The main thing to keep in mind when building towards the new Sad Drac is to try and invest in a character that’s effective and you’ll want on your team for quite some time. That usually means Shadow Assassin, one of the Dragons or something like Friendly Spirit. Bonus points if you can pump the health of your first character, since surviving a hit and slaying when you go second is huge. Also worth noting – Baba Yaga offers a much better multiplier now, as +6/+2 is a sizable increase.


Shadow Assassin

  • Old: 1/1
  • New: 2/1


This is a nice power boost to Assassin, which takes into account that it needs a little more to get started with the new Sad Drac change. Assassin is still one of the level 3 characters with the highest potential, and combined with other Slay changes in this patch, a character I’m happy buying most of the times I see it. Riverwish Mermaid remains one of Shadow Assassin’s best friends, and Baba Yaga isn’t far behind.


The Chupacabra

  • Old: Slay: Give the characters behind me +1/+1 permanently.
  • New: Slay: Give me and the characters behind me +1/+1 permanently.



I’m excited about the change to big Chups here. Having The Chupacabra scale itself is critical in keeping it on the team and making sure it continues to slay. You will run into a bit of a dilemma with Chups – do you have it in position 1, to make it more likely it slays, or do you have it go second, so it has two characters behind it to pump? One little trick you can use is to have Lightning Dragon in your first slot, as it will make its bonus attack and usually die, leaving Chups as your first attacker. You can also just decide how greedy you want to get, as having Chups go first is a fine solution if you don’t feel the need to get max value (I tend to have this go second, to nobody’s surprise).


Brave Princess

  • Old: 4/3
  • New: 5/3


This is another change that I’m happy about (though given that I had input into the changes, it would be somewhat odd if I was unhappy about any of them). Buffing Brave Princess is a great way to have quests happen more often, and she’s really struggled with finishing hers. I’d buy the Brave Princess at a higher rate now, and would speculate on 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 at this point (that means right when you hit level 3 and the two turns after, but not once you’ve hit level 4).



  • Old: 3/4
  • New: 4/4


This is another small buff with larger implications. Vain-Pire is now as good as he thinks he looks (though note the mirror Easter egg in the art), and is a character I’m happy to snap up early. This is especially good with Skip or Pan, and any slay build should seriously consider running Vain-Pire, at least until you can get some Chups.



  • Old: Here
  • Now: Gone!



This is the overall biggest change in the patch, as it not only affects every game where you would buy Adventurer, it affects you that the opponent doesn’t get a chance to either. This was one of the strongest characters in the game, as it let you get multiple turns ahead of your opponents if you could get the Slay train going (and there were a ton of ways to do that). Solving the Adventurer puzzle was fun for a while, but I’m really looking forward to having levels 4 and 5 matter more, and cutting Adventurer is a big step in that direction.


Header - Implications

  • Bonus XP spells get even better, as they’re the only game in town (besides Skip/Mask into Skip) to level up faster.
  • Mid-level engines and scaling characters become more appealing. Snow Wight and King Arthur are two that spring to mind, but Hippocampus isn’t far behind either. Slay builds also scale nicely, and have more time to compete and grow before the heavy hitters come down. Basically, anything that grows over time now has more time to grow.
  • Pan will continue to use Hat-Ball as its primary win condition. To be honest, I didn’t really think it was right to try and go deep on Adventurer with Pan anyways.
  • True Love’s Kiss and Pollywoggle become more exciting, if such a thing is possible (they are my favorite spell and character, respectively). Ways to get characters ahead of schedule are at a premium now, and these both offer a powerful way to jump the line.
  • Wretched Mummy gets a little worse. It’s still strong right when you hit five, or if you’re Skip/bought XP, but no longer do you get to buy Mummy when you are facing level 4 opponents (or at least not nearly as often). Given that Mummy has a short window of strength, this definitely weakens it.

The effects of Adventurer were far-reaching, and I’m excited to see what the world looks like without her. She will return in the future, in some form or fashion, but for now, we’re exploring uncharted territory (maybe we were the real adventurers all along). Good luck battling on the new patch, and I hope you enjoy these changes! We’ve also put in a bunch of new stuff recently, from new experience levels to group play with friends, so check it out.

Let me know @lsv if you have any questions or comments, and I’ll see you in a Brawl!

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