Siphon Insight in Standard Dimir Control – Deck Highlight

Standard Dimir Control by Andrea Mengucci




Dimir Control was a solid deck in Standard 2022, the MTG Arena-only format that was getting you ready for Standard rotation. With Innistrad: Midnight Hunt out now, let’s see what we can add to it for the new Standard format!


Dimir is a supported color pair in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, so we’re got a dual land in Shipwreck Marsh and a good multicolor Dimir card in Siphon Insight.

I love Siphon Insight. It’s both a Think Twice that lets you dig deeper to find a land drop and a free way to play win conditions. Since you’re stealing your opponent’s, you don’t have to play any and can build your deck in the best, reactive way possible. Of course, getting an off-color land won’t be as good as drawing a land from your deck, but the choice of getting the best of the two cards is definitely worth it.


Consider and Memory Deluge are two additional card draw effects that Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is bringing to Standard and I’m very happy to add them to my control deck. Consider’s ability to surveil a card with flashback into your graveyard is definitely what pushes it way ahead of Opt, which still saw quite a bit of play in the early days of Standard.


The Meathook Massacre is replacing Crippling Fear, as this could be able to hit larger threats in the lategame, while also being a way for your control deck to gain life. Adding the ability of “gain one life” to all your removal spells is definitely what’s pushing this card over the other sweepers.


Life total is very important for a control deck, and that’s why I chose to omit Infernal Grasp from the deck. While Flunk and Power Word Kill have a restrictions tied to them, I still prefer them over the guaranteed two life loss of Infernal Grasp.

Four Hall of Storm Giants and two Hive of the Eye Tyrant are my creaturelands of choice. While I love Crawling Barrens, I didn’t want to play too many colorless lands since I think Field of Ruin is needed to answer the plethora of creaturelands floating around between the new Adventures in the Forgotten Realms ones and Faceless Haven.


Suspicious Stowaway and Malevolent Hermit are ready to make you switch gears against other control decks post-sideboard. I particularly like the Stowaway as a way to take over the game against an unprepared opponent who boarded out all their removal spells against you!


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